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台鋁書店 MLD Reading





MLD Reading

位於高雄,由製鋁廠房重新改造的台鋁商場,MLD Reading書店便在其中,是商場整體生活提案的一環。坐落2F的書店,透過寬闊漆黑的階梯銜接1F的市集廣場,提供一個由動轉靜的過渡場域,與外頭的紛擾對照,書店更顯世外桃園的姿態。


在設計概念上,MLD Reading捨棄風格一致一間大書店傳統設計方式,改以創造一個以”閱讀”為主題的山城小鎮,藉由活動豐富的廣場街道連接許多深具特色的獨立小書店.每個主題書屋都有獨特的建築形象與內部風格,形形色色的空間因此誕生,將逛書店轉化為一個小鎮的探索,豐富了整體空間的體驗層次。走進MLD Reading,就走進了一個擁有許多獨立書店的人文小鎮,您不時地走走停停,探詢著每個角落的驚奇。如果走累了,就找一個喜歡的角落,靜靜地坐下吧。



Ascending the stairs amidst the gentle sunlight, one is confronted by a time-forgotten small town in the mountain. Streaming with visitors, they stroll along the piazzas, or enjoying a moment of solitary under a tree, or enthusiastically involved with some performances in a impromptu manner. Lining along the streets are old-time cafes and blocks of seemingly mysterious independent bookshops, each one unique, and every piazza a different performance is played, scattered at unexpected corners of the town, waiting to b discovered.

MLD Reading

Located in Kaohsiung, MLD Reading is housed in what previously an old factory was involving in the production of aluminum. This is a case of adaptive reused and the bookshop is part of the overall development that is trying to inject life into an otherwise abandoned site for the last few decades. Housed on the 2nd level, it is connected to the market square below via a grand, dark staircase, providing the necessary transition space from somewhere boisterous to the more subdue environment of a bookshop. Such contrast makes the bookshop a sanctuary by comparison.

A humanity town with ”Reading” as a theme

When conceptualizing the bookshop, the traditional way of designing with a banal stylistic language was abandoned. Instead, a mountain village with “reading” as the central theme was adopted. As such, these uniquely independent small bookshops are interconnected through various activities happening along the streets or the piazzas. Each & every bookshop possessed its own unique architectural and interior language, hence the creation of various space with unique features. For such reason, a stroll in the bookshop is transformed into an exploration of a town, and in the process enriches one’s own senses when experiencing different layers of the space. Walking into MLD Reading is akin to stepping into a humanity town with lots of independent bookshops. Strolling & stopping, and strolling again, there are various unexpected corners waiting to be discovered. And when one is tired, find a favourite corner and have a moment of quietness.

Riding on the wave of infinite imagination and taking the next step, standing on the shoulder of giants and move forward.

The diversity of small town bookshops inspire boundless imagination: when inside the House of Travelling, one can see the gigantic floating ancient globe and a yatch, calling out ones long-hidden dream of an adventurous journey; in the House of Children, they are bookshelves shaped like a fairytale trees, and colourful hot balloons rising gradually at the kid’s reading corner; in the House of History & Philosophy, there stands a giant Gate of Time and portraits of philosophers, implying a moment of travelling back in time when crossing the gate, having a stimulating intellectual discourse with titans of the past. The House of Literature is represented by a giant open book, allowing those elegantly written phrases to float in the air and converse with you.



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